Was Bruce Lee Enough to Break Through?

When Bruce Lee spoke with Pierre Burton on Canadian Television he made one thing clear: He would show Hollywood an authentic; a true Asian. In many ways he fought that battle inside and outside of the industry. On screen and off. In the 40 years since his death, we have hashtag campaigns to call out the race issues with the 2016 Oscars, and yet the dialogue on race is still simplified to black, white and when noted– brown (Latino)

What role do pop stars and celebrities play in breaking through glass ceilings, and more importantly, in changing our society? If media depictions of different ethnic communities continually reinforce racial and gender stereotypes– then why should we rely on media to paint the whole picture? Students have an opportunity to raise thee questions and even explore analyzing the media in your classroom. Check out this lesson from our Honoring Our Journey set: Lesson 4 

Teachers will need to scale the activity for younger grades– for the record– we have had wonderful dialogues with 3rd graders on the role of media.

Email us if you want to bounce ideas off of us or talk through using the lesson in your classroom rgupta@wingluke.org