“From a Docent” Blog: Our Ed Team’s Way of Talking Off Hours

From a Docent HeaderOne might think after talking history, social studies, immigration policy and more to and thousands (and thousands) of visitors each year, the Education Team might take a break and do something else with their lives. We do– but we also obsessively help each other out.
Our internal blog connects each interpretive guide with resources, ideas, storytelling techniques as a means of peer-to-peer learning. It gives us a chance to continually expand the canvases on which we paint the nuances of history. Lately, it seems the New Yorker has had a lot of relevant articles and essays. By no means is this an endorsement of that publication– but they have been doing their part to continue discussions of race, culture, ethnicity and gender pertaining to Asian and Pacific Islander Americans.
Here’s a good example of what we share with each other… “Surrendering”