The Education and Tours team at the Wing Luke Museum inspires children, youth and adults through historic and contemporary immersion and dialogue to see their world, nation and cities as homes to a fantastic depth of living history.

By guiding students to understand the contributions, challenges faced by and perseverance of Asian and Pacific Islander immigrants and Americans in our region we hope to expand a view of how people shape and reshape the communities and progress around them.

The curriculum provided here is designed to compliment both a teacher’s classroom instruction and on-site museum experiences. Students will explore their own ideas about history, immigration, gender dynamics, acculturation, and civic participation through dialogue, storytelling and other activities. At the Wing Luke Museum they can step into the preserved historic spaces in the museum and neighborhood to further reinforce their understanding.

Our education team tailors tour experiences to match classroom instruction and engages with thousands of students Pre K, K-12, undergraduate and graduate students. We also provide professional development and training opportunities to organizations, and can host training sessions for teachers to gain continuing education clock hours.

Additionally, we offer more advanced, in-depth experiences for students to engage in dialogue, where students explore specific instances in history, the influence of community, policy and family on the reshaping of the Pacific Northwest.

We strive to break down stereotypes including racial, gender and class; as well, we strive to question the harmful notion of American and Asian American exceptionalism. For nearly 50 years ours is a particular focus on the struggles and triumphs of dozens of Asian and Pacific Islander American ethnicities in the context of Pacific Northwest history.

To do that, we have developed a series of community-specific and general Asian and Pacific Islander curriculum for your classroom use.

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