In using the curriculum, it is important that all sections are read before starting the units. By doing so, teachers may enhance their content knowledge to better implement the suggested activities for the students. Depending on the age level of the students, the teacher may also consider modifying the assessment to ensure the success of all students. For example, suggested readings may include young adult novels such as “Beacon Hill Boys”, by Ken Mochizuki. This is not age appropriate for students 6th grade and younger. However, as a reference for teachers, the novel provides detailed understanding of the generational impact of the Japanese Incarceration.

It is also important to mention that while these units are intended to give a diverse range of educational content, teachers may wish to seek out further information and/or resources which are listed in the Background Information and Teacher Resources section to enrich students’ interests.

Finally, we always welcome teacher and student feedback and/or reflections. Through these units, we hope that students and teachers will better understand the diversity and breadth of the American experience, become more aware of the experiences of Asian Americans, and appreciate how they contribute to our multicultural society.


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