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via The Asian-American debate | The Chronicle.

While the overall percentage of Asian and Pacific Islander Americans (APIA) is low on a national level, we are finding that in states such as Washington, Texas, New York and California that the outcome of elections is affected by an informed voting APIA public.

Take a look at this report on electoral participation in 2012.

In 2012 there were several ballot measures here in Washington State, and both a gubernatorial election and presidential election at stake. It turned out that the APIA vote was sufficient to swing the outcomes on several of the following ballot initiatives:

Type Title Subject Description Result
ITP Initiative 1185 Taxes Would require either two-thirds legislative approval or a vote by the people in order to raise taxes. ApprovedOverturned
ITP Initiative 1240 Education Allow 40 public charter schools in the state over five years. Approved
VR Referendum 74 Marriage Would ask if same-sex marriage should be legalized in the state. Approved
ITL Initiative 502 Marijuana Would legalize and regulate the sale of small amounts of marijuana to people 21 and older Approved
LRCA SJR 8221 Budgets To include the recommendations of the commission on state debt. Approved
LRCA SJR 8223 Education Provide authority to state research universities to invest funds. Defeated
AQ Advisory Vote 1 Taxes Declares an intent to improve the long-term sustainability of the state budget. Approved
AQ Advisory Vote 2 Insurance Delays the expiration of the pollution liability insurance agency’s funding. Approved



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