Free to All During Our Temporary Closure

Wing Luke Museum historical spaces. Freeman Hotel. Photo by Alan Alabastro.

To all teachers, professors, parents and students looking for engaging social studies, history and ethnic studies content– our full curriculum is available to you all. While the statewide and nationwide stay at home orders are in place we will open up to you everything we have to offer.

We are continuing to add more content here and on our museum’s temporary closure page using digital engagement tools, multimedia storytelling and have made the tools more accessible for our visitors with sight or hearing needs. Our team is taking you through the neighborhood through text, video and audio stories. Currently, we are putting subtitles onto the videos and these will be available in English for the time being.

However! While we are offering all of this for free– we are avidly fundraising to:

  • Ensure our doors will reopen when its time.
  • Continue to support our hourly and part-time staff for as long as possible.

Please consider clicking on this donate button and support us in any way you can.


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