Fighting for America: The Story of Nisei Veterans Takes on New Life




Wartime is difficult for everybody. Surviving a war is a personal experience. Your students can explore history through simple, poignant first person narrative and bold illustrations. Fighting for America follows the lives of six US Veterans during World War II.

  • Shiro Kashino, Infantry
  • Roy Matsumoto, Military Intelligence Service (MIS)
  • Tosh Yasutake, Medic
  • Jimmie Kanaya, Medic
  • Frank Nishimura, Infantry
  • Turk Suzuki, Infantry

All Chapters are based on real and actual events.

These men are know as Nisei Veterans, second generation Japanese Americans who courageously fought for their country and made a significant mark in American history. A curriculum guide accompanies this publication.

Download the curriculum guide and click here to view an animated version of Shiro Kashino’s story.