Belonging: Community Digital Exhibition

HÅLE’-KU dåkot-ta (dakota alcantara-camacho) Linalai (Chant) Born in Snohomish territory and raised in Swinomish and Duwamish territories, of Ilokano (Vigan, Ilocos Sur, Philippines) and Taotao Håya Chamoru (Mongmong & Tumhom/Tumon villages in Guåhan, Marianas Islands) ancestry, my name is dåkkot-ta (dakota alcantara-camacho), and I am currently living in Lenapehoking (New York City), land of the Lenni Lenape. I sing this lålai chant in honor of the first peoples of the planet, the guardians of the earth awakened and awakening to the indigenous mind. I sing this lålai in honor of the lands I’ve walked through in the footsteps of the ancestors who have embraced mine. I sing this lålai

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