Time After Time

Asian and Pacific American History Timeline


If there is one thing we teach here at the Wing Luke Museum– it is that histories are never definitive. We have designed this presentation to highlight some events in the Asian and Pacific American timeline. We should always keep in mind that the details here are as much a part of American History as the suffragettes, abolitionists, civil rights struggle, and sock hops. The image should take any classroom directly to the presentation. To play– click play. Use the right and left arrow keys to navigate the presentation.

This timeline can be used for any grade level.

The Last Boat Out: Son Michael Pham

“I’m very proud. The term refugee would tell me that we had no other choice. The only choice when it comes to a refugee, the only choice would be the choice of the country or the population to accept the other person. That’s my definition of refugee. And I am very proud that we were accepted, we were allowed to be here, we didn’t want to be here, we didn’t plan to be here. That was the only choice left for us.” –Son Michael Pham asked to define the term, “refugee”
Vietnam in the Rearview Mirror, Wing Luke Exhibition

2015 marks the fortieth anniversary of the fall of Saigon. The resulting chaos in Vietnam as families raced to the find a ship or airplane on which to book Little Saigonpassage is a story common to many of our neighbors and friends now resettled here in the Pacific Northwest. Many families were separated, children finding their way without parents; parents heartbroken. Others, like Son Michael Pham’s family made it out together. KCTS, Channel 9 here in Seattle produced this segment. April 23, 2015