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In 1943, despite their incarceration in numerous concentration camps throughout America, 4,000 Japanese Americans

volunteered to fight in the war against the Axis powers. Compiled into a stunning graphic novel, 6 veterans’ stories take on a whole new life; trying to make sense of personal sacrifice, family honor and bravery. Here is an animated version of the Shiro Kashino story. The full graphic novel is available for sale and the corresponding curriculum guide can be found here.

The novel is appropriate for 5th graders and above, though teachers may use their discretion in presenting this material to 4th grade students.

The museum helps students explore the experiences of Japanese Americans during the war years by:

  1. Taking them on a historical walking tour of old Japantown (Nihonmachi); or
  2. An historical immersion into family life in 1936 Nihonmachi through character plays, object triggers and a young woman’s diary.

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